Where everybody knows you’re lame…


We’re gonna re-watch Cheers and that’s gonna be fun. I bet there’ll be some stories along the way too. You should re-watch it with us! The episodes are on Hulu and the CBS app.


Episode One:

Give Me A Ring Sometime

Sam’s Women


Q: Why does this podcast have two titles?

A: If you pinned us down on the bar, we’d be forced to tell you that Let’s Talk About Cheers is the official title. Because there are some other shows called Let’s Talk About Star Wars, and Let’s Talk About Thrones, and consistency is a thing, apparently.

But, since the two hosts are actually supposed to be hosting a storytelling podcast, and since recap shows are the most original and rare commodity on the internet (or the opposite of that, I forget) we came up with what I like to call the “cheeky” title.

This is the one show that two tired people can do regularly from their dining room table. We hope you enjoy.

Q: Do you do any other podcasts?

A: We certainly did, and plan to again.

Q: Why Cheers?

A: It’s a classic television sitcom with heart, brains and a boatload full of Boston nostalgia. Those are three good reasons.

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